WordPress Plugins: Contact 7

A basic guide to using Contact Form 7 Contact form 7 is a free and simple WordPress plugin that allows you to create and add forms to your website, and manage them easily within the same dashboard. Contact Form 7 supports Captcha, spam filtering, … [Read more]

WordPress: Adding a gallery

WordPress: Adding a Gallery Inserting a Gallery with WordPress 3.8.1 With the new WordPress, version 3.8.1, adding images and galleries to your pages and posts has become easier and quicker. A gallery displays an ordered group of pictures in a … [Read more]

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins WordPress Plugins are extra software tools made by third parties that extend the capabilities and functionality of WordPress. These tools can enable WordPress to do almost anything with your website. They offer a way of … [Read more]

The WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard The WordPress Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into your WordPress website. From this screen, you can access all the functions of WordPress. Down the left side of the page are all the different options you … [Read more]

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO This is a quick and easy guide to show you how to use the All in One SEO Pack plugin to optimise your website for SEO. Install the Plugin: Presumably, your WordPress blog is set up, and the All in One SEO Pack installed. Log in … [Read more]

WordPress Basics

WordPress Basics WordPress WordPress is a free open source software that can be used as a content management system, blog software, or website. It is simple and easy to use, giving you a way to manage and edit your own website without having to … [Read more]