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The hub of your Digital Marketing reach is your website, it is in effect Your on-line head office, your shop front to the world. It is in Your best interests to make sure that you get your shop front onto the busiest high streets of the Internet. We help you get there.

We create for you a beautifully crafted WordPress site, that is engaging, informative, useful, that gets you traffic, leads, clients & sales

Why Choose Us ?

We have been building WordPress sites for over 8 years, we are passionate about the WordPress environment, its in our blood.  We know that when we deliver a new site to a customer we are giving them the very best online platform for their business.


Versatile, stable and easy to maintain are some of reasons why WordPress is the platform of choice for over half the fortune 500 companies.

Mobile friendly

All websites created by us are mobile friendly, we only use responsive themes ensuring you meet Google's latest algorithm update.

Google Friendly Design

Google, the most powerful search engine in the world does not read your website like a human. We ensure that every site we design is viewed by Google and other search engines, in the best light possible.

State-of-the-art code and smart design architecture mean search engines see your content.



As Easy as 1, 2, 3
Foundation Theme

Choose a Design Style

Choose a design style that resonates with the vision you have for your new website. Our design team will edit colours so the site compliments your brand.

Easy Submission Process

Provide us With Content

Tell us about Your Business. Detailing number of pages required and the proposed menu structure. We will also need your logo, website copy and site specific images.

Web Page Design

Trust the Team

Our experienced designers will take your content and design your site page layouts in a way that optimally conveys your message to your target market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress

WordPress is free software that is used to design websites. It is simple and easy to use, giving you a way to manage and edit your own website without having to consult an expensive website designer. Using WordPress is as easy as using a word processor, so even those who have never encountered website design before can use it for their website.   Once setup is complete, you can update and edit your website on your own, with no website downtime at all. We take pride in our product and levels of service. If you are unhappy with our service or your new website does not meet your expectations we will refund your payment.

How long does it take till the site is live?

It is possible to have your site up and running in a day. Some factors that influence website design time include:

  • Complexity of the design.
  • Number of pages.
  • Do you have all the content and images?
  • Are any premium plugins required?
  • Do you need the services of our copywriter?
How much does a website cost?

"How much does a bag of groceries cost?" is not an easy question and is impossible to answer until we know what is in the bag.

Likewise it is difficult to quote for a website until we know.

  • Complexity of the design.
  • Number of pages.
  • Do you have all the content and images?
  • Are any premium plugins required?
  • Do you need the services of our copywriter?

Visit our on-line shop for more information on the kind of website you can expect for the prices quoted.

Can I change the look and feel of my site at a later date?

Yes of course, this is the beauty of WordPress, it is easy to update and change.  We recommend that a site should grow and change and we are here to help if you need it.

What Other Are Saying

WordPress site and Genesis has great support for child themes and other WordPress functionality. - Mat Mullenweg


I'm not a programmer, I'm just a marketing guy who blogs. WordPress makes it easy, but using the Genesis Framework makes it REALLY easy. If you're a serious publisher, Genesis is a no-brainer. - Jay Baer

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