Business Blogging Inspiration to Enhance Your New Website and Your Bottom Line

Business BloggingYou have a great new website for your business and it came with blog functionality. You have also read a great deal about just how valuable business blogging can be for any business, in terms of both inbound marketing and brand building, as well as the SEO advantages it offers. However, faced with that blank ‘add new post’ page you have no idea what to write about.

Rather than becoming stressed out and disillusioned enough to forget the whole idea consider some of these content suggestions that have a well proven track record of working for businesses in every niche.

Lists – People naturally gravitate towards lists, you only have to look at the huge success of websites like Buzzfeed to realize that. And while we are not suggesting you turn your new blog into a Buzzfeed clone there are bound to be lots of useful and engaging lists you can create if you give the idea a bit of thought.

For example, if you happen to run an accounting firm a well-researched list of “Top Apps for Managing Your Money” is something your target audience is likely to find very useful. This will also establish you as an authority in your field.

How To – How to posts are another excellent content idea as people can actually take lots of value away from them while also enjoying the experience of reading through them.
From a blogger’s point of view they are great as most how to posts will be as relevant a year after they are published as they were on the day were written. This adds the kind of ‘evergreen’ content that every good blog needs to keep attracting new readers.
A how to post is also an excellent opportunity to vary your content and add a few engaging multimedia elements. There are those people who are simply natural ‘visual learners’. These readers will respond far better to a subject if you include a brief explainer video to your piece or an informational info-graphic, things that are also very share worthy, potentially increasing the number of people who read the piece considerably.

Mythbusting – In most industries you will find that there are at least a few misconceptions or myths that are fairly widespread. By writing a post that dispels some of those myths and explains why they are false you will not only help overcome possible objections a potential customer of client might have to choosing your products or services but also further position yourself as an expert in you field.

Frequently Asked Questions – Another great way to educate your readers about your products and services in a way that adds real value is by compiling a FAQs post. You do not even need to relate it specifically to your product, an FAQ about the industry in general can, once again, help cement you reputation as a professional who really knows what they are talking about.

News Round Ups – Most business people spend time trying to keep up with news about their industry and that is certainly true for a business blogger. Why not get into the habit of posting a weekly (or monthly) round up of the big news and events affecting your industry or niche? Make it a regular feature and you should get your readers used to heading to your blog for their news fix rather than wasting their time hunting all over the Internet for it.

Share Your ExperiencesShare an Experience – Have you been to a conference recently? Attended a webinar? Share your personal experiences and take aways from the event. Even if everyone else who was there were to write about it as well such a post would still be unique and original if you add your own insights into what you learned. These kinds of posts can also be a great way to open up a dialog with your readers who will no doubt have their own opinions.

Share Your Opinions of Others’ Work – A good blogger reads other blogs within their niche on a regular basis. This is not done to steal content or ideas but to be informed about what others in your industry are saying. You can create an interesting and original blog post of your own by offering an opinion or point of view of something someone else has written.

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